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    "Internet" + "shipping" to build a comprehensive solution to intelligent ocean system

    Two thousand years ago
    Chinese Han made Zhang Qian chisel to the West.
    Opening up the Silk Road across Europe and Asia
    Ancient China is connected with the world for the first time.

    Millions of people have dreams, explorations and expectations.
    Shipping China''''s most popular silk and porcelain abroad
    Exotic spices and rare jewels from abroad.
    Or calm or stormy or torrential rain.
    A large and small merchant ship moved forward.
    "Maritime Silk Road" has become the main channel of trade exchanges between China and foreign countries.

    Take the ancient Silk Road and Zheng He to the West as genes.
    Along the way, a new chapter of sea has opened.
    In twenty-first Century, it was the age of Internet communications.
    With the integration and digitalization of shipping industry in depth
    Shipping network risk has become the focus of attention of the industry.
    Let maritime broadband be at hand and become an urgent problem.
    Who am I?
    Relying on powerful ocean information system
    Integration of "Internet" + "shipping"
    Building integrated solutions for intelligent Ocean Systems
    It is the platform of the sea defense.

    Perhaps this is still too abstract.
    You have to ask: what is the platform?
    In short, it is broadband communication service on the sea.
    Integrating services, resources and entertainment
    It can realize real-time transmission of ship and shore data.
    It is the intelligent ocean information network platform.
    What can I do?

    Key information about speeding, collision, fire and so on.
    Warning and risk protection
    In addition to warning, what else does Hai Wei Tong have?
    It also has ship function testing.
    Weather report, telemedicine assistance and other services
    It can save a lot of cost for shipowners.
    At the same time, the wisdom ocean cloud environment built by Hai Wei Tong
    Integrating all kinds of marine information into palms
    All I need is a small cell phone.
    You can master the whole area of the ship remotely.

    Work and life at sea are always boring and boring.
    The emergence of Hai Tong has largely solved this problem.
    Sailors float across the sea.
    A little sister voting for micro-blog, with a micro-blog and a trembling voice.
    Rich Internet Entertainment
    Let big storms and big waves become small ripples in life.
    Where do I come from?
    It solves the problem of "who am I" and "what am I doing"?
    Then where does H. H. Tong come from?
    Serving global shipping, marine platforms, marine fisheries,
    Intelligent ocean service platform for escorting the whole area along the way
    Unremitting efforts originate from three dimensional communication

    As a three dimensional communication sub company
    Marine satellite communication service market in China
    Share of new market share exceeding 80%
    As a representative of China''''s satellite communication service enterprises, go abroad.
    Participating in international market competition
    Haven has become
    Challengers and key players in the international market
    Great achievements made by Hai Tong
    Is the result of a study.
    It''''s another beginning.

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