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    IPP (three) high power broadband power divider / combiner

    Innovative Power Products (IPP) is a professional R&D and production of directional couplers, 3dB bridges, power dividers/combiners, RF terminals/loads, RF resistors and other microwave passive components manufacturers, located in Holbrooke, New York, the United States, with more than 30 years of technology accumulation. IPP uses the best raw materials, the most advanced design tools and production equipment to produce broadband, high-power, low-loss passive components with incomparable performance advantages, and customizable products according to user requirements.
    IPP high power broadband directional coupler and 3dB bridge (directional coupler IPP (1) broadband high power 3dB bridge 3dB bridge IPP (2) broadband high power directional coupler) have been introduced before. This is the third introduction of IPP, about power divider / combiner.
    The power divider / combiner of IPP consists of two kinds of package: microstrip and coaxial.
    Microstrip power divider / combiner
    For power dividers, couplers and other components, the formation of microstrip packaging, mass production are relatively easy, so the demand for such products is large, the corresponding price will be relatively low.
    The broadband and high-power microstrip power divider / combiner produced by IPP has 2 ways and 4 roads two. Microstrip lines can be directly connected to the circuit board, which is suitable for miniaturization applications. The microstrip way can reduce the loss of connectors and cables, and further improve the efficiency of the whole machine. The radiator can be fixed through the through-hole and easy to install and use.
    It has the advantages of wide bandwidth, high power, small volume, low insertion loss and low standing wave. Widely used in amplifiers, transceiver systems and many other occasions. Covering 20MHz to 4GHz frequency, power up to 500W.

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