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    Israeli airlines use the most advanced airborne Wi-Fi system provided by Viasat.

    On July 12, 2018, Carlsbad, California, and Tel Aviv, Israel reported that Israel Airlines officially announced the launch of its new, high-speed, reliable airborne Wi-Fi service, which is provided by Viasat Inc. (Nasdaq Stock Code: VSAT).
    Israel Airlines has always been an important customer of Viasat in Europe. Since the two companies first announced their partnership, extensive market research has been conducted focusing on passenger demand for airborne Wi-Fi services, participation in and provision of services, including the customer testing phase for determining the type of Internet package. Israel Airlines is also beginning to reinvest its fleet with a new Boeing 787 Dreamliner - the latest member of the Viasat Certification Platform.
    As of today, Air Israel has deployed the latest Viasat equipment to provide high-speed airborne communications services for Air Israel''s Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Boeing 737-900 and Boeing 737-800 aircraft. By mid 2020, Israeli aviation expects that most of its fleet will deploy Viasat''s airborne communication services.
    First experience of high-speed Wi-Fi on machine
    Earlier this week, Air Israel launched its first high-speed Wi-Fi service flight, a brand-new Dreamliner from Tel Aviv to Paris, with 128 devices using on-board Internet Services - many of them streaming movies, videos, music and even the World Cup semi-finals. More than half of the passengers are shooting and playing videos - some via Facebook Live, while others are capturing and uploading videos and pictures of their journey and posting them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
    "Israeli passengers want to stay up-to-date and to be able to communicate in real time even in the air," said Nimrod Borovitz, director of Israel''s aviation strategy and business development. "We invested in Viasat''s state-of-the-art onboard Wi-Fi products so that we could best respond to customers''interests, including surfing the Internet, sending and receiving e-mails, using applications, viewing social media networks, listening to music and playing streaming video, so that we could watch movies and sports programs live throughout the flight. . Israeli Airlines chose Viasat''s airborne Wi-Fi system because their products are the most advanced. "
    Viasat is recognized as one of the global leaders in satellite communications and a leading provider of Airborne Communications services. The company''s onboard Wi-Fi system will provide passengers with the fastest Ka-band communications, allowing Israeli Airlines passengers to transmit more Internet content faster and maintain cabin communications for flight crew members to enhance the quality of service to passengers. While flying across the Atlantic, the system will be connected to the Atlantic''s largest Ka-band ViaSat-2 satellite, providing passengers with high-performance Internet communications services from North America and the Atlantic to Europe. For European flights, Viasat will connect to the KA-SAT satellite through its European joint venture with Eutelsat, whose Ka-SAT satellite capacity exceeds any other communications satellite in Europe.
    "Israel''s high-speed communications fleet continues to raise standards for passenger participation, quality of service for pilots and crews, and innovation in aviation technology," says Don Buchman, vice president and general manager of Viasat Commercial Aviation. "Our airborne Internet service provides Israeli airline passengers with a rich flight experience - with the most important online functionality - almost anywhere they fly."

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